My favorite commercial beers

I am tring to compile a list of my favorite comercial beers. This list is not deffinitive in any way. It’s based on my taste and if a beer is not there, it does not mean I dislike the beer.

My criteria are the following:

I try to drink beers from the place I am in as much as possible, usually I prefer to taste craft beers over commercial ones. If there is nothing new or local that catches my eyes on the menu, I go for one of my list.

I always have a few of them on my fridge.

I live in Belgium, therefor, most of the beers are Belgian.

My top commercial beers in alphabetical order are:

Chimay Blue (BE)
Delirium Tremens (BE)
Erdinger Dunkel (DE)
Erdinger Weissbier (DE)
Eisenbahn Weizenbier (BR)
Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse (DE)
Guinness (IE)
Hoegaarden (BE)
La Chouffe (BE)
La Trappe Quadrupel (NL)
Le Fort (BE)
Malheur Brut (BE)
Martin’s IPA (BE)
Negra Modelo (USA)
Orval (BE)

Oude Gueuze (BE)
Pilsner Urquell (CZ)
Rochefort 8 (BE)
Saison Dupont (BE)
Spencer IPA (USA)
Tripel Karmeliet (BE)
Vedett Extra Blond (BE)
Wals Quadruppel (BR)
Westmalle Tripel (BE)
Westvleteren 8 (BE)