Glass style:   Type Recipe: All Grain Recipe Style: Saison Color: 9.8-27.6 EBC Bitterness: 20-35 IBUs OG: 1.048-1.065 FG: 1.002-1008 ABV: 5.0-7.0% Aroma: Quite aromatic, with fruity, spicy, and hoppy characteristics evident. The esters can be fairly high (moderate to high), and are often reminiscent of citrus fruits such as oranges or lemons. The […]


Glass style: Type Recipe: All Grain Recipe Style: Cream Ale Color: 5-10 EBC Bitterness: 15-20+ IBUs OG: 1.042-1.055 FG: 1.006-1.012 ABV: 4.2-5.6% Aroma: Faint malt notes. A sweet, corn-like aroma and low levels of DMS are commonly found. Hop aroma low to none. Any variety of hops may be used, but neither hops […]


Glass style: Type Recipe: All Grain Recipe Style: American Brown Ale Color: 36-70+ EBC Bitterness: 20-40 IBUs OG: 1.045-1.060 FG: 1.010-1016 ABV: 4.3-6.2% Aroma:  Malty, sweet and rich, which often has a chocolate, caramel, nutty and/or toasty quality. Hop aroma is typically low to moderate. Some interpretations of the style […]


Glass Style: Type Recipe: All Grain Recipe Style: Robust Porter Color: 40-70+ EBC Bitterness: 20-50+IBUs OG: 1.048-1.065 FG: 1.012-1.016 ABV: 4.8-6% Aroma: Roasty aroma (often with a lightly burnt, black malt character) should be noticeable and may be moderately strong. Optionally may also show some additional malt character in support […]

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